Thursday, 8 July 2010

madonna over time - Papa Don't Preach.

Analysis : Madonna was in the process of creating her own image, and by viewing this video we can see how using the conventional 'story telling' style, she can easily create an effective music video for this particular genre 'pop'. /her image is based mainly upon that of marilyn monroe but is presented with her own younger twist upon it and as a bit more of a "bad girl". - Frozen

This video presents Madonna in a new chapter of her life. One in which she is contemplating the harsh world in which we live. We see Madonna dressed in a black gown, considering the frozeness of us, in a society that criticizes individuals :(. - 4 Minutes

4 Minutes is madonna trying to reinvent herself as an artist who is just as good as the younger artists, this is shown by the well known young justin timberlake and replicating his dancemoves to prove she is as good as anyone and alost as if she has still got it.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

this is abstract as we feel that the genre would be quite abstract. the band name and title of the song correspond with the randomness of the picture and titles. because some music is completely random and have no conventions of genres. we wanted to go with this and putting the release date all over the face is another way in which we wanted to be completely random and catch peoples eyes.

Trunk hill music advert

This specific Advert is part of the Gothic genre. We used dark colours to represent this genre, and also to create a 'downed' and sad view as most people who listen to this type of music like this depressing mood. The font is white so it stands out to the bleak background, we have done this to make the critical information stand out as well. Also we used this font 'synchro LET' because yet again it represents the genre.

Music Magazine Ad

The conventions of a music magazine advert are very complex.
There are a number of conventions, firstly:

THE TITLE. - The title is the thing that tells everyone what is going on in the advert. For example if an advert for snoop dogg was in a magazine and the title was 'scissor sisters' people would be confused. So if the title was 'snoop dogg' people would immediately know that it is snoop dogg in the advert.

PICTURES. - visual images are used in magazine adverts to attract people to what the advert is about.

RATINGS - ratings tell you what other people have thought about the product and are a useful way of showing other peoples interest n the product in order to promote it further.


What Digipaks consist of

Digipaks are a form of media which not only shows the music video but it also gives information into the making and production of the piece. Digipak is a patented style of CD or DVD packaging. Typically Digipaks consist of a gate fold, paper board outer binding with one or more plastic trays capable of holding a CD or DVD. Digi-style packaging is often used for CD singles or special editions of CD albums and the tall DVD Digipak (DVDigipak) and is used as a premium packing of DVDS and DVD sets. Digipak style cases grew in popularity among record lables and recording artists in the early 2000's.

Typical features and contense of a Digipak can vary. Most will contain the Albm in eiher CD or DVD form and can have the artists videos, or films showing the production of the album and music videos. They can also contain posters and exclusive artwork or merchandise.

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